Robin Reider



Robin Reider, a native of Los Alamos, N.M. has been weaving for over 20 years in her home in Chimayo, N.M. She learned to weave in the traditional Rio Grande style and interpreted these skills into her own original style. Her weavings are 100% wool and consist of tapestries,rugs and runners. Her designs are abstract, geometric and representational, depicting the colors and landscapes of Northern New Mexico and throughout the Country. The hand dyed colors blend and grade into one another, giving a painterly quality to the work.





Artist Statement

I am inspired by and constantly drawn to the outdoors by natural forms, shapes and colors. I interpret these colors and shapes into abstract striped or geometric patterns and weave these colors to blend and grade into one another as an understatement of the patterns and colors that I see. The abstracted landscapes that I weave hopefully can provide viewers with a sense of the spiritual and emotional values that I feel when surrounded by natural beauty. I strive for harmony and balance with the boundaries provided by the framework of the loom, the wool and the process of weaving.


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